Privacy Policy

Red Rhino is dedicated to offering an uncompromised gaming experience while maintaining a high level of privacy protection. We achieved this by only using Google Play-approved SDKs, third-party services, and analytics tools. Only the information required to provide the essential and relevant services is collected by our games. This document goes over the specifics of how we acquire and use that information. There are also links to the applicable authorized analytical tools and services.

Our games are created for children, we take extra precautions to safeguard their safety and privacy. Our apps are made for families and go through a series of tests and quality controls, as well as complying with a number of international privacy regulations and safeguarding the privacy and safety of children.

obtains only the absolute minimum personal information that is both legal and necessary to enable the proper functioning of critical game services. Email addresses used to contact the company, payment information for in-app purchases, and other examples may be included in this category.

Data Collection

Our game gathers only the absolute minimum personal information that is both legal and necessary to enable the proper functioning of game services. Email addresses used to contact the company, payment information for in-app purchases, and other examples may be included in this category. Mobile Advertising ID’s are used for advertising ID purposes. These are device specific, unique resettable IDs used for advertising. For apple devices this may be the Apple IDFA and for Google the AAID. These remain under your control and are accessible by device settings.

The gathering of anonymized data is also used for analytics and performance tracking. This data is mostly used to enhance our gameplay and user experience. This information may be used for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to measuring game and app activity, as well as information on advertisements, such as adverts deployed, ad clicks, and so on. This information is only collected for the app or game that is being utilized.


Our games contain third-party advertising. Within our services, we may opt to promote other products under our own brand.


We integrate Game Analytics Advertising Features to better understand how our apps and games are being used by users and their parents.

For more understanding of Game Analytics policies, you can read the document from the given link.

Data and Personalized ads

Our Ads services enable us and our publisher partners (most of whom are third-party mobile application providers) to monetize advertising inventory by allowing advertisers to show customized advertising to users with all Google Play approved Ads for kids and families. We can process data for a variety of legitimate purposes in order to provide such services to our clients and partners.

Below are explanations of the reasons why we may collect data and the legal bases on which we rely in each circumstance.

We process some of your data for lawful purposes when you install and continue to use our mobile applications and games, such as:

  • In order to offer you with the services you requested
  • Level progression, for example, can be enabled by documenting the progression of one level to the next.
  • Such data processing is strictly essential for the requested service(s) and hence legal.
  • In order to continuously enhance our product and services, we need to perform analytics and understand how people interact with them.
  • For instance, determining that a feature is being ignored by users and therefore should be deleted from the game, and that a large number of players are failing to complete a level, indicating that it is too challenging for most gamers
  • Once you give your approval via the pop-up notice contained in our apps, we solely use data obtained through our games for analytic reasons. For legal and analytics objectives, express consent is required.
  • Allow us to continue to provide free services and goods by serving ads targeted to our users’ preferences and interests.

You can withdraw your consent for all data processing activities that rely on users’ consent at any moment via the settings page in our various applications/Games.

Please keep in mind that if you withdraw your consent or decline to consent in the first place, you may still be served advertising; however, it will be less relevant to you because it will not be personalized to your interests.

Payment Information:

Our payment processing service provider will collect your name, phone number, e-mail address, mailing address, billing address, and complete credit card information that enables them to receive your payment when you order any In-app with the supervision of your parents-in-law, especially when you are children through the services, including any virtual currency or virtual good.

Children™ and Family Privacy

We make sure that the analytics and advertising services we use are appropriate for families and children who use our apps and games. This includes ensuring that the app’s marketing are appropriate for families and children. We use game improvement services to ensure that we can continue to enhance and develop our services without jeopardizing our children’s and families’ safety, security, or privacy. Game Analytics and Firebase are two of our third-party analytics providers, and their agreements are as follows:

Game Analytics:






Third-Party Google Play Approved advertisement platforms

The information received from these services is used solely to improve our own services and analytics, and it is not shared with third-party organizations or services unless required by law. A unique device identification, IP address, mobile phone carrier, game progress, time spent playing, and achievements are all examples of data that may be collected.

For more information you can check the link given below:




What we may disclose?

We do not share personal information with third parties without your permission.

Data collected may be used for advertising and analytics with the following providers if approval is obtained:

Ad Partners: These companies help us monetize our game’s ad inventory and give free items and services to our players. These partners typically collect data using their own tools (Software Development Kits, or SDK).

Companies that give us analytical tools and technology that allow us to better understand how people engage with our services and help us enhance them. Those partners typically collect data through their own SDKs as well.

Red Rhino maintains the right to reveal details (including personally identifiable information) to comply with laws and legal requests, as well as certain litigation processes and governmental agencies for national security objectives.

Contacts & Complaints?

For further query/question regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us below listed email.

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